Property Condition (Survey) Reports For Sydney, NSW and Across Australia & South Pacific

Discover why Government Departments, Builders, Civil Contractors use our building condition survey assessment report services to provide speciality construction reports. No job too big or too small.

A property condition survey is very helpful, perhaps even necessary, for any client wanting to find out the real shape or status of a property or real estate before purchasing, leasing, financing or doing maintenance work on it. A property condition survey also provides evidence of the state of repair or general condition of the property.

Established in 1990, our property condition reports have protected property tenants and owners within Supreme, District Courts and NCAT.

Our Dilapidation Condition Survey Services

Comprehensive dilapidation surveys for the Commercial, Industrial & Residential sectors:

• Road condition reports for road surfaces/public space
• Residential-single and multi-lot developments;
Heritage building archival recording and heritage building archival report;
• Photographic heritage consultant services for heritage sites;
• Strata Unit and high-rise accommodation;
• Commercial, Industrial;
• Retail and Shopping Centre compliance;
• Public Utilities, community facilities and infrastructure dilapidation reports;
• Medical and health facilities;
• Aged care and retirement estates;
• Pubs, clubs and resorts;
• Bridges, tunnels, storage tanks
• Heritage buildings
• Sea walls, wharves, retaining walls

Quick turnaround times

Time is a precious resource especially for our busy clients. We value their time and are always looking for ways to better improve our service. If you were a new property owner or tenant, you would want to review the property condition reports prior to handover. We won't make you wait! Using our innovative report app, we’re able to email reports to our clients right after onsite inspection making that a reality.

Next-level customer support

We’re always available, working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you were to call us in the middle of the night, you’d get the same prompt and professional support as you would were you to call during regular hours. We work hand in hand with our clients to produce 100% client satisfaction.


We are the trusted choice for pivotal projects such as road upgrades and maintenance work (WestConnex dilapidation reports), government sewerage, storm water, airport, tunneling infrastructure and upgrades. We have provided service for army and navy bases, health facilities and a host of multi billion projects. Our services also extend to photographic archival recording of government heritage sites.

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