What is a Building Defect Inspection?

Inspection to identify building works that do not comply with Building Code of Australia, Guide To Standards & Tolerances, Building Act, approved architectural/engineer plans and/or to identify defects within an established building which may be no fault of any builder/tradesperson. All age and types of buildings can be included. Defects could be the result of poor building practise or aging of subject building.

What purpose does it serve?

A building defects report could be undertaken to claim against a builder or tradesperson. A building defects report could be undertaken on behalf of the body corporate or strata manager of strata complex to detect the cause of defects.

Who should obtain a report?

Any party seeking to identify defects and remedy the defects within any type of residential, industrial, commercial building or structure.

What should be recorded?

  • Clear description of defect
  • Location of defect within building/structure
  • Cause of defect identified
  • What relevant codes or Australian standards these defects do not comply
  • Responsible persons
  • Recommended remedy

What is considered a building defect?

Any building works that are non compliant with relevant codes, Australian standards, not built in accordance with building contract, approved plans or approved scope of works
Any part of a building that may have deteriorated due to age, structural movement that is affecting the building occupants or general day to day use of building.

Why should I Engage a Professional Inspect & Complete a Defect Report?

Warning: NSW state government and Fair-Trading NSW deregulated the building inspection industry in 2009. They decided anyone with nil experience can undertake visual building inspections for the general public. This has lead to many building defects going unnoticed or poorly diagnosed and a great deal of monetary loss and stress to the general public.

You should only engage a professional building inspector with the following qualifications and experience. Note the company may have the following but it is the actual inspector who will carry out inspection that requires the following qualifications, experience and insurance.

  1. Inspector must hold current builders license
  2. Inspector must have a minimum 20 years experience within the building industry having built the type of building/structure you require them to inspect
  3. The inspector must have a minimum 10 years experience as a building consultant
  4. The inspector must have current professional indemnity insurance showing cover for building defect reports within this policy

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