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We work hard to turnaround our reports as fast as possible, because we understand how valuable to your time is. We’re always striving to improve on our services, including the development of our own reporting application, to ensure a fast and fully documented report.

We Take Pride in Our Client Support

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients with unrivalled customer support. If you need help or have a question about our reports, we strive to answer all queries as fast as possible. You can also reach us anytime of day, just give us a ring!

Trusted in the Industry

Throughout the many years we’ve been working, we’ve successfully completed work for all manner of government agencies, from important national projects such as the (WestConnex), to health and medical facilities, military bases, government stormwater and sewer projects, to underground tunnel infrastructure and upgrades.

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    Our promise as a construction/building consultant is to strive to add value to every project while providing exceptional customer service, quality checks, schedules, reports and professional expertise.




    What a dilapidation report is

    Before carrying out building work such as excavation, demolition works or for instance compaction of soil, an expert report on the existing state of the structures that surround your property should be carried out. The report is used to record down in writing the condition of the existing structures so as to identify any damage to the structure caused by the construction work.


    Why you should get one?

    Anyone planning construction work on their property should prepare a dilapidation report. A dilapidation report may or may not be required by law, but getting one is always good practice. It protects you from potential disputes with your neighbours who might attempt to claim that construction work has caused damage to their property.


    What is included in the report?

    Ensure your dilapidation report is carried out by a competent and professional building consultant. A dilapidation report is a detailed record of the existing structures that surround a property or building, they are supported by corresponding photographs, measurements and diagrams. They are signed by both the owner of the property being inspected and the party who is about to commence the building work.