What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a form which allows parties to itemise defective and incomplete works which are the subject of a building dispute. Scott Schedules are generally used in complex building matters and/or where there are a number of defects or incomplete works claimed.

What purpose does it serve?

It is to assist the Tribunal/NSW courts in reaching a conclusion regards to material and labour cost for rectifying incomplete works or defects being claimed.

Who should obtain a Scott Schedule?

If a Scott Schedule is required, instructions concerning its use will be given by the Tribunal Member or a court judge.

What should be recorded?

The applicants and respondents’ evidence with cost estimates of each item claimed in regards to building defects, incomplete works or variations to a building contract.

Why should I get a Professional Report prepared?

A Building Consultant with experience in Litigation matters and Tribunal, Arbitration, Mediation, Reference and Court procedures will best prepare your case. NCAT and/or NSW Courts will not accept such a report unless prepared by a suitably qualified Building Expert Witness.

When are they needed?

An NCAT member and/or a court judge will instruct an applicant and/or a respondent when a Scott Schedule is required.