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Fast turnaround time

We value our clients’ time and understand the importance of a dilapidation report in the construction or demolition process. Over the years we’ve made improvements to our processes including creating our very own report app which speeds up the delivery of our professional dilapidation reports to homeowners, builders and developers.

Excellent client support

Our commitment to our clients is best demonstrated by how we make ourselves available to them 24 hours a day throughout the week. If they have a question after hours, they can just dial our number to reach us.


We have completed projects big and small for a variety of government agencies including vital road projects (WestConnex), health facilities, government sewerage, stormwater, navy and army bases, tunneling infrastructure and upgrades.

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    A short summary of what a dilapidation report is

    A dilapidation report, also known as a condition report, is a detailed written report accompanied with photos of the neighbouring property before and after construction work such as excavation, soil compaction or demolition. A dilapidation report is indispensable if any claims are made for damage believed to have been caused by the construction work.


    Should you get one?

    If you’re looking to do construction work on your property, get a dilapidation report for your peace of mind. Councils will also often require it as part of their approval process for developments. A dilapidation report is your protection from potential claims that your construction work has caused damage to your neighbour’s property.


    What is included in the report?

    Being a crucial piece of document, a dilapidation report should be carried out by a professional building consultant and conform with Australian Standards 4349.0. It is written in plain English and includes relevant photographs, measurements and diagrams to accurately represent not just the dwelling but also driveways, trees, footpaths patios and the like. It should be signed by both parties before starting construction work.