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We aim to complete each report in as quick a time frame as possible. We know that time is valuable which is why we’re consistently re-evaluating our procedures, recently we developed an app to speed up the process.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is ensuring our customers’ satisfaction through unmatched customer service. When you need assistance with one of our reports or if you have a specific question, we will strive to try to help in any way we can. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Industry Leaders

In the many years we have been operating, we’ve had the privilege to work on a multitude of projects, from nationally significant government/infrastructure projects such as the WestConnex tunnel to health and medical facilities, and military facilities.

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    Our commitment as a building consultant in St George Sydney is to treat every project with an exceptional level of customer service and quality so that every schedule, report and professional expertise we offer adds value to your project.

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    When should I get a dilapidation report in St George?

    Prior to the commencement of construction work, for instance before starting demolition, excavation works or soil compaction, an expert report on the current existing state of the surround structures to a property should be completed. This report notes down in writing the existing condition of structures that surround the property that work is being done on. It is kept as a record for future reference to identify any damage to neighbouring structures as a result of the construction works.


    Why should I get one?

    Obtaining a dilapidation report might be required by law, but it’s always a good idea to have one completed by a professional as security. If you’re planning on carrying out any construction work you should engage an expert to complete one before work starts. The report will guard you against potential claims from neighbours that state your building works caused damage to their property.


    What do we include in our reports?

    First and foremost you should make sure that a competent and experienced professional building consultant completes your report. Our dilapidation reports are supported with corresponding photos, diagrams and measurements. Both the owner of the property that is being inspected and the party that is carrying out the works should sign the report.