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What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a document required by the NCAT or NSW District & Supreme Court system which outlines the Applicants and Respondents evidence with cost estimates for labour and material of each item claimed in regard to building defects, incomplete works or variations to the building contract.

What purpose does it serve?

It is to assist the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) in reaching a conclusion regards to material and labour cost for rectifying incomplete works or defects being claimed.

Who should obtain a Scott Schedule?

If a Scott Schedule is required, instructions concerning its use will be given by the Tribunal Member or a court judge.

What should be recorded?

The applicants and respondents’ evidence with cost estimates of each item claimed in regards to building defects, incomplete works or variations to a building contract.

Why should I get a Professional Report prepared?

A Building Consultant with experience in Litigation matters and Tribunal, Arbitration, Mediation, Reference and Court procedures will best prepare your case. NCAT and/or NSW Courts will not accept such a report unless prepared by a suitably qualified Building Expert Witness.

When are they needed?

An NCAT member and/or a court judge will instruct an applicant and/or a respondent when a Scott Schedule is required.


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